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MV Education Services collaborates with governments, organisations, schools and teachers to develop authentic student learning and make a difference to communities, societies and the planet.

Innovating without the tools

How many teachers make movies for Youtube, run a Facebook page, blog, Twitter account, Instagram account, etc for a cause, and/or collaborate through Skype or social media, and/or have their own web page, weebly, wiki, etc? It’s been more than … Continue reading

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Changing practice takes time

If only we could “fix” teachers! This seems to be the paradigm of almost every politician and many media commentators – the perceived failings of school education systems are because of poor teaching.  Consequently, their logical conclusion is to raise … Continue reading

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A computer is an aid(e), not a teacher

Technology provides us with some wonderful tools to enhance learning. As a result, there has been a very strong movement to have us believe that technology can almost take over education. Hence, we have the rise of the Khan Academy … Continue reading

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Too high, too soon

A recent dinner party conversation set me thinking about when education changed. In many systems, schools and classrooms around the world, education has been synonymous with “success in life”, even if most of those places seemed to be failing many young people. … Continue reading

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Home Investigations

Two recent news articles about homework reminded us that the “homework question” has been settled in too few schools. Homework, the so-called “flipped classroom”, cooperative learning and constructivist pedagogy can come together in a blindingly simple, effective way that is … Continue reading

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Asking the right question

In our work with educators and schools to improve teaching and learning, we find that many struggle with the transition from the traditional “sage on the stage” method of teaching to inquiry-based classrooms. One of the most common “blockers” is “What … Continue reading

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Using what we know

We know that we all learn in different ways. We also know that we all have different abilities at different things. We know that, with appropriate practice and commitment we can get better at most things. If we apply this knowledge … Continue reading

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Dare to be different

We have a crisis of leadership on our planet, but no-where more so than in education. Governments all over the world appoint non-educators as their ministers for education, and often these people want to “improve” education by going back to … Continue reading

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Traditional Values?

We love working with teachers to improve the ways in which they plan for their students to learn. There is so much we now know about learning for us to use so that almost all young people can achieve success … Continue reading

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Not lesson plans as we understand them Jim

There is a plethora of sites on the internet offering lesson plans to teachers in need of a bit of inspiration and/or assistance. Because there are so many, is seems reasonable that there is a need for them. The question … Continue reading

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