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Being illogical

It seems to be a major aspect of human nature that our ability to think logically is inversely proportional to how “close to home” we are. In other words, while the world might be crystal clear to us, we can … Continue reading

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Technology is not enough

There are some amazing educators out there, doing wonderful things with young people. The other side of the coin is not just that there are many more educators who should be doing something marvellous to further the education of their … Continue reading

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The map can be the territory

In most areas of life, it is extremely useful if we keep track of what we are doing, how we are doing it and where we are going with it. This is particularly important in education, where there are often … Continue reading

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Digging Deeper

It has been said that the only places that subjects such as Maths, Science, Language, etc. exist are in schools and universities. In the real world, these things integrate seamlessly into “life”. Of course, it is useful to break learning … Continue reading

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Exposing Yourself

Presenting a workshop or seminar is at least as good a learning experience for the presenter as it is for the participants. The presenter continually updates his/her understanding as it is reflected back from the participants. In a room with … Continue reading

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Professional Responsibility

A long time, ago, I came across a poster which indicated that teachers were responsible for engaging their students in their lessons. I put it on the staffroom noticeboard, and was verbally attacked about it by a couple of colleagues … Continue reading

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Teachers Should Be Evaluated Like Athletes: Here’s Why

Good post, which really highlights how badly teacher evaluation is done around the world. Rather than “evaluation”, we have used a system in which teachers share goals for improvement with school leaders and then work towards those goals. a mix … Continue reading

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Flipping out

It is wonderful that the “flipped classroom” initiative is providing opportunities for many teachers to get in amongst their students during class time. But, is this a real improvement in education? What do teachers do in this “freed-up” time? “Flipping” … Continue reading

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Life-long learning for 21st century teachers

Normally we would offer our own thoughts, but this blog post is very closely aligned with our perceptions and views about 21st century pedagogy. Scott McLeod blogs and tweets interesting ideas about major educational issues.

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It’s not that difficult

I’ve had the opportunity to observe quite a few classes in recent times, and only a few stood out. The ones that were noticeable, for the right reasons, had the same basic traits: The teacher asked open-ended questions, which challenged … Continue reading

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